MCC Athletics debuts its vision, mission and values

MCC Athletics debuts its vision, mission and values

January 30, 2023 0 News

MOHAVE COUNTY – Mohave Community College Athletics unveiled its first Vision Statement, Mission Statement, and Core Values during a presentation at the College Board of Governors meeting Friday, January 13.

Director of Soccer Programs and Men’s Head Coach Camilo Valencia told board members that his department will use this as a guide to help them develop a successful program in Mohave County. The MCC Bighorns men’s and women’s soccer teams are northwestern Arizona’s first college athletic program.

The Vision and Mission statements will help define the future of the College athletics department by showing who they are, where they want to go and how they’re going to get there. The core values will help shape the culture of the program and the value MCC Bighorns Athletics will bring to the community.

“We’re excited about the future of MCC Athletics and what we can achieve as a department,” said Coach Valencia. “Everything we do should reflect our vision, mission and core values.”

When putting together the Vision, Mission and Values, Coach Valencia said his department made sure it aligns with the overall mission, vision and values of the College. They also included Core Values that describe the character and behavior they expect from athletics staff, coaches and student-athletes. The MCC Athletics vision, mission and core values are the foundation for the future of athletics, said Coach Valencia.


Excel: By pushing our limits to become the best that we can be both in and outside the classroom, on the field, and in the community.

Win Championships: By recruiting and developing champions that can bring a championship mentality to MCC not only on the field but also in the classroom and in the community.

Transform Lives: By providing a quality education. By allowing athletics to serve as a platform for student athletes to connect and network with faculty, staff and our community and make life long relationships.


We will proudly represent MCC and Mohave County with our commitment to have a positive impact and achieve excellence in everything we do on the field, in the classroom and in the community. We will create a Student-Athlete centered environment with unbreakable core values that will teach and promote principles to succeed in life.

Core Values



Grit (Passion and Perseverance)




Never give up mentality


Prospective student athletes are encouraged to visit to fill out a recruiting questionnaire. The form can be found under the Men’s and Women’s soccer tab.

Coach Camilo Valencia